Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Does your printer having flashing lights? And say the parts inside have come to the end of the service life?
Epson have made firmware to stop you using your printer after so many prints, this should not be allowed!
There is a very high chance that nothing is wrong with your printer at all, and Epson just want to make more money from you, by making you get it repaired, or even buy a new printer!

These reset programs which are free, will bring your printer back to life!

I do advise you open up your printer and clean the ink pads out, or you will at some point have ink start dripping out your printer (which I once found out when it dripped all over the carpet and ruined it).
Once you have done that, follow the instructions with these programs and it should come back to life.

These programs will fix almost all printers, including the Epson R265, 270, and many older ones.

Get these free programs and bring your printer back to life, happy printing